Call to support research projects about technology and society (FP21-1B)


The Social Observatory of the ”la Caixa” Foundation has announced a call to support research projects on technology and society in Portugal, using quantitative survey data in social sciences.

Funded projects will receive up to 25,000 euros each (exclusive of VAT).




Original, quantitative research projects about issues of special relevance to today’s socioeconomic context.

We particularly welcome proposals that study technology and society from the following perspectives: 

  • Digitalisation of work 
  • Education
  • Technology, social interactions and relationships
  • Health and well-being
  • Social media
  • Environmental issues
  • Access to technology, information and knowledge
  • Social and digital divides
  • Ethics and human rights 




The maximum funding for each project is 25,000 euros (excluding VAT) to cover: 
•    3,000 euros for the research group (including the university or research centre’s expenses and overheads, and excluding VAT). 
•    The costs of the survey: The ”la Caixa” Foundation will commission the survey to a company of its choice (upon agreement with the Project Leader), assuming all the costs involved (see terms and conditions for further details). 




  • An original, unpublished outreach report explaining the results and conclusions of the research.
  • The latest delivery period for the report is 8 months, starting from the notification that the proposal has been selected. 
  • The university or research centre carrying out the project must sign an agreement with the ”la Caixa” Foundation.   




This call aims to support proposals led by a researcher of any nationality who conduct their activity in universities, research centres or private non-profit organisations dedicated to research, legally based in Portugal.




•    Application deadline: The proposals can be submitted until 13.00 GMT on 29 September 2021.
•    Proposals must be submitted through the online platform between 7 September 2021 and 29 September 2021. Applications received via other channels will not be accepted. The link to the online platform will be published on 7 September 2021. 
•    Notification of the selected proposal will be made by means of the contact email of the main researcher that was provided during the application process. Information on the resolution of the call will be published on the website of the Social Observatory of ”la Caixa” approximately 6 weeks after the end of the call submission date.



For any inquiries regarding this call, you can write to the Social Observatory at