Call to support research projects about technology and society (FP21-1B)




The aim of the call was to support survey-based research that allows data to be obtained about technology and society in Portugal.

The call was open to survey-based research projects that could complete the entire path from hypotheses to conclusions within a maximum period of 8 months and present the results of the research in an outreach article to be published by the Social Observatory of the ”la Caixa” Foundation.

The selection process of the proposals received was conducted by academic experts linked to the field of social sciences. The projects were evaluated without the evaluators knowing the authorship or affiliation of the concurrent researchers.

The projects finally selected were as follows:

  • The impact of digitalization on job security and quality in the post-Covid era 
    Fernando Almeida, Instituto Superior Politécnico Gaya – ISPGAYA

  • A task-based assessment of the level of digitalization of different sectors of the Portuguese workforce 
    Luis Manso, Associação Laboratório Colaborativo para o Trabalho, Emprego e Proteção Social – LCTEPS

  • Loneliness and problematic use of social networking sites 
    Rui Costa, ISPA - Instituto Universitário

  • Teachers promoting digital literacy as a strategy for gender equality – starting from an early age    
    Ana Mouraz, Universidade Aberta (Portugal)

  • Teleworking and Health   
    Pedro Laires, Universidade Nova de Lisboa 


The following researchers participated in the selection process:


Phase 1

Ana Alexandre – CICS.NOVA
Maria João Leote de Carvalho – CICS.NOVA
Isabel Dias – University of Porto
Teresa Herdeiro - Aveiro University
Sara Barros Araújo - Polytechnic institute of Porto
Susana Batista - NOVA FCSH

Phase 2

Carl Bonner-Thompson – University of Brigthon
Mattia Guidi – University of Siena
Cláudia Custodio - Imperial College
Alexandra Lopes - University of Porto
Emla Fitzsimons - University College London

17 December 2021