Letter from the President

I am pleased to introduce The Social Observatory of ”la Caixa” Foundation, a new initiative created with the purpose of contributing ideas and scientifically supported results that will enrich public debate over the social problems that affect us all, and whose resolution will determine our future and that of our country.

In the complex societies in which we live, defining the actions and policies to be taken in the social sphere is not simple and involves many interest groups, often with opposing perspectives.

With the aim of contributing to informed and rigorous decisionmaking, we publish a series of important indicators, many of them developed by the observatory itself, which will contribute to an improved understanding of social reality. This information, quite valuable in itself, will be complemented by original studies on important social issues, interviews with scientists and critical reviews of recent books that propose innovative ideas.

In an increasingly open, diverse and participatory society, citizens are not only interested in the issues that impact the quality of their lives and their social wellbeing, but they also wish to have their voices heard.

We are presenting an instrument whose aim is to divulge, among a broad public and in an attractive and accessible manner, the main results and tendencies in the social sciences, so that we have the necessary tools available to understand key issues in such sensitive areas as social inclusion, education, science and culture.

Isidre Fainé

President of ”la Caixa” Foundation



The Social Observatory of ”la Caixa” Foundation aims to be a reference point by contributing diagnoses of social reality and tendencies, and placing a special focus on the Foundation’s major spheres of activity: social inclusion, education, science and culture.



If you have any queries, please write to the email address of The Social Observatory of  ”la Caixa” Foundation: oobservatoriosocial@fundacaolacaixa.org